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Walt Fuller
Walt Fuller

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My love of writing was confirmed when I exempted senior English in high school and took journalism from the quintessential “teacher who had a huge influence on me.” I became the sports editor of the school paper.

After earning a degree in Journalism from Georgia State University, I went through a period of immature frustration with the pace of career advancement as a writer… and entered the book publishing industry.

Over the next thirty-five years I was a marketing specialist, editor, and eventually the president and publisher of two publishing companies. I published over 200 projects in many genres, but my niche was expensive art, history, and sports books… limited editions… which I sold through direct response/direct mail. If there was a trade (bookstore) market, I would sell the rights to a trade publisher, then publish and market the limited/special edition.

As an example, I produced the official records of the America’s Cup yacht race for the America’s Cup Committee in both 1983 and 1992, then published limited edition books, which sold for $100-$250 a copy. All the sales came through direct response marketing. As was the case with most of my projects – I wrote the sales letter and brochure copy that resulted in the book’s significant success. After learning and perfecting the structure and “tricks of the trade” for writing successful direct response copy and packages, my response rate routinely exceeded industry averages.

Over the years I have written many successful (control) direct response packages, as well as web copy and white pages – for my own projects and companies, as well as international and national organizations.

I was also the Managing Editor for the Southern Center for International Studies, a leading geopolitical think tank and educational institute, and was responsible for their newsletter and other instructional publications, including The End of the Soviet Union and Europe after the Cold War.

In 2007, I wrote the script for the documentary “Legends of Snowbasin,” which won a Telly award.

Walt Fuller
Walt Fuller

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